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Underfloor Heating

SOLWET delivers water based underfloor heating, wall heating, ceiling heating as well as cooling systems. Due to the low operating temperatures used in radiant heating systems, it is the most energy-efficient way to distribute heat within buildings. Low operating temperatures enable optimal efficiency of the heat sources, ideally renewable sources like ground heat or air source heat pump. This leads to the lowest possible primary energy consumption and CO2 emission. At the same time, radiant heating offers the best comfort to occupants and can even be used for cooling at no additional cost. The entire installation is invisible, which gives you freedom for any kind of architectural style.

There is no reason why another solution should be selected to heat or cool indoor environments. An initial slightly higher investment than for conventional heating systems, will be paid back many times during the life time of the building through lower energy consumption.

Comfortable and energy efficient radiant heating systems.

  • Fully compliant with tomorrow’s sustainability
  • Convenient and reliable solutions
  • Tailoring for any architectural requirement
  • Excellent long-term performance
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • The best indoor comfort you can get

Programmable thermostatically controllers.

Manifold System for individual heating comfort.


Free Design and Quote Service

If required, Solwet offers a heating design service based on house plans.This design and quote will ensure the most effective and efficient heating system customised for individual living conditions. For more information please contact Mobile no. +91-9717593776