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Solar Water Heater Flat Plate Type

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SOLWET ADVANCED Solar Water heating System natural circulation systems; circulation in the solar primary circuit is caused by natural convection, due to the differences in density between the hot and cold working fluids. The cycle begins as the fluid passes though the collectors, where it is heated by solar radiation. As the fluid is heated, it rises up towards the cylinder located above the collector. As the fluid travels towards the elevated cylinder, it transfers its heat and chills. The heavier, chilled fluid then descends through the return pipe to the bottom of the collector. The main advantage is that the system functions without the need for pumps or any auxiliary electrical power.

SOLWET solar water heating system offers Open Loop and closed-circuit systems for volumes of 125, 150, 200, 300, 400 and 500 LPD. The systems are comprised of an independent primary circuit; therefore, antifreeze can be added in order to prevent problems due to risk of freezing or water hardness Corrosion.

The solar water heating systems are comprised of Stainless Steel Tanks, glass-enameled tank single and double-wall water cylinder, full-plate absorber with highly selective German Quality Mirotherm coated solar collector of Efficiency 86%, Absorption 95% and only 5% emmissivity.  Mounted on powder coated Heavy Stand, and all Safety and required accessories for system installation.

*** Performance warranty on Non heat exchangers systems are 1 years.
***Performance warranty on heat exchanger systems are 3 Years.
** Warranty on FPC are Five Years against any leakage.
** Maximum operating pressure allowed in FPC is 5 Bar.
** Lifespan Period: 15 – 20 Years.** SS tanks should be feed with soft water.
**Vertical Systems internal piping between with FPC to Tanks will be charged Extra.
**IN commercial system heating elements will be charged Extra.
**Warranty Exclusion on Washers, Glass, Electrical Elements, glycol
** Prices are Ex-works, Delhi
** VAT @ 5% will be charged extra or CST @ 2% against ‘C’ form, C form should be submitted prior to dispatch of the material.
** In absence of ‘C’ form Full VAT will be charged.
** 500A are with 3 FPC, 500B are with 4 FPC, 500V and higher capacities are Vertical tanks are included with Pump and DTC.
**Electrical elements are not included in 500V and Higher capacities or the electrical Control panel. (Charges Extra)
** Delivery Schedule will be 10-15 days from the dates of receiver of confirm order along with 100% advance.
**Standalone system not in use for 2-3 days, the panels should be covered to prevent overheating and Stagnation.
**Installation and Plumbing Work will be charges Extra – Currently Installation DELHI NCR – Rs.5/LPD and Outstations – Rs.8/LPD.

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